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Training Activities

The banking sector is an important and fast growing sector with an increased demand for intrinsic knowledge of financial systems. We expertise in Capacity Building i.e. dissemination of planned and structured knowledge, management, skills, and other capabilities to workforce of Banks and Financial Institutions through training. Capacity building is an ongoing process so that personnel stay up to date with the latest developments, regulations and technologies in order to stay competitive. Following quarter-wise training programmes have been planned in accordance with the needs of Banking Industry and Financial Institutions:

We conduct three types of programmes:

1. Core Training Programmes (CTP)

CTPs are announced quarter-wise keeping in view the requirements of Banking Industry. The design and structure of these programmes are formulated by industry experts in consultation with the banks. The banks/organizations may nominate their officials in according to their suitability.

2. In-Company Programmes (ICP)

These are tailor-made programmes designed in consultation with the specific bank. 

3. Locational Programmes (LP)

The programmes can be conducted anywhere in the world depending upon the requirement of specific bank/organization. In these programmes, the cost of logistics, boarding lodging is borne by the bank/organization.

4. Online Capsule Programmes (CAP)

The programmes are conducted online through video conferencing with no special hardware/software requirements. Programme can be attended anywhere in the world on any client device (Laptop, Computer, Mobile, Tablet etc.). 

Audience and Lecturer
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