Online Capsule Training Programmes

Class Conducted through Video Conferencing
Programme Introduction: 10:45 am to 11:00 am; 
Session-1: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm; 
Session-2: 12:30 pm to 01:30 pm; 
Session Time: 45 minutes each + 15 minutes Q/A Session)
Note: Timings may vary from programme to programme
December 2021

Credit Frauds & Preventive Vigilance in Banks; CVC Guidelines    
1. Credit Frauds:  Causes & concern 
2. Frauds:  Stage wise Prevention strategies & CVC Guidelines


Digitilisation of KYC & Its Benefits     

1. Overview of KYC – AML
2. Digiltilisation – New mode KYC

Understanding Operating Cycle, WC Assessment & Financial Analysis In Credit Appraisal    
1. Operating Cycle & WC Assessment
2. Methods of Computation of WC
3. Financial Analysis 


Credit monitoring and Supervision    
1. Understanding the early warning signals and prevention 
2. Techniques of Credit Monitoring


Concept of Cash Flows & their Time value of Money; 
Concept of repayment schedule in  loans - Mode of Instalment in loans .     

1. Cash flows and their relevance in Asset financing.
2. Project Payback Period.
3. Discount factor and present value of cash flow.
4. Computation of DSCR & Fixing of re payment schedules.


Customer Grievances & Integrated /Internal Ombudsman Scheme    

Customer Complaints and Resolution through
1. Internal Ombudsman of Bank
2. Integrated Ombudsman as per RBI


Different Modes of Charging Securities    

1. Assignment, Lien/Set off/ Hypothecation/ Pledge
2. Types of Mortgages      


Capex Funding - Sources, Cost and Assessment    

Govt Business as a Profitable Ventures for Banks    

1. Various Types of Govt Business
2. Profit from Govt Business


Risk Management in banks - BASEL Committee and Framework of risk evaluation in bank    

1. BASEL Committee report for Risk Management in Bank. 
2. Capital Adequacy and concept of Provisioning     


Guarantees and Co acceptances - Various aspects , precautions & controls    

1. Concept of Guarantees & Co-acceptances
2. Types of Guarantees & Co-acceptances
3. Various Checks & Control on issuance of Guarantees etc.


Exchange Control Regulations Thru FEDAI/FEMA/Ftp and LRS    

1.Exchange Control Regulations
2. LRS    Managers/Sr. Managers of B Category Branches


Role of Credit Officer  in building quality Assets - Responsibilities & Accountability    

1. Pre-sanction Appraisal
2. Post-sanction Stages  


MSME – A tool for  Economic growth and job creation    

1. Role of MSME sector in economic and social empowerment 
2. Various financing products for MSME financing    



Types of Risk - Assessment of Credit Risk. Credit Risk rating. Applicability of risk rating for pricing of loan in banks    
1. Type of risk in banking operation. 
2. Credit Risk and its litigants 
3. Credit Risk Rating. Applicability of risk rating for pricing of loan    


RBI: Relief Measures by Banks in Areas affected by Natural Calamities and Lead Bank Scheme    

1.Relief Measures by Banks in Areas affected by Natural Calamities
2.Lead Bank Scheme    -Agri Officers/Branch Head/Loans in-charge in Branch

Prudential Norms on Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning Pertaining to Advances –IRAC Norms    

1. Asset Classification
2. Provisioning Norms    


Non-Fund Based Credit facilities and their appraisal    

1. Various types of non-funded facilities. 
2. Appraisal of Non-Funded facilities    


Dematerialization of financial products & Financing against them.     

1. Process of Dematerialization of financial products & creation of charge.
2. Type of capital market products for financing. 
3. RBI guidelines and exposure limit 
4. Assessment, Disbursement and Recovery.    


MUDRA, Stand-up India, Start Up India & Other Govt Sponsored Schemes    


Term loan, Assessment of term loan for asset financing. Regulatory guidelines for  asset financing through Term loan    

1. Term loan for Asset financing. 
2. Assessment of Term loan. 
3. Regulatory guidelines related to term loan    


KYC – AML and Its Impact on Banking    

1. KYC – AML Overview
2. Importance of KYC & AML in Banking