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Online Capsule Training Programmes

Class Conducted through Video Conferencing
03:00 to 04:00 PM

Note: Timings may vary from programme to programme
April 2024

1. IRAC Norms and Latest Developments (06-04-2024)

Evaluation of Provisioning Norms Since 1985. (A. Ghosh, M. Narsimhan I & II Committee recommendations) and IFRS of IASB Including Expected Credit Loss


Target Audience:
Branch and Controlling offices Dealing with Audit


2. Audit – Key tool for ensuring a Compliance in True Spirit (08-04-2024)

How to prepare for Various Audits at branch level – such as RBIA, Legal Audit, Statutory Audit and Compliance Audit 


Target Audience: Branch Management people – working Scale I, II & III officers

3. Climate Risk Way ahead (10-04-2024)

Climate Risk affecting FIs and their remedy as per RBI/GOI guidelines 


Target Audience: Scale I to IV

4. Credit Monitoring  (16-04-2024)

Credit Monitoring Process & tools for Credit Monitoring 


Target Audience: Scale I, II & III working in Credit 

5. Recovery of loan Unorthodox tools thereof (22-04-2024)

Recovery steps in general and discussion on Lok Adalat, Section 138 of NI Act impounding of Passport and lookout Circulars


Target Audience: Officials working with Recovery of loans 

6. Market Risk Mechanism (30-04-2024)

ALM Liquidity Risk, Intt. Rate Risk 


Target Audience: Scale I, II & III working in Controlling offices 

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