Online Capsule Training Programmes

Class Conducted through Video Conferencing
Programme Introduction: 10:45 am to 11:00 am; 
Session-1: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm; 
Session-2: 12:30 pm to 01:30 pm; 
Session Time: 45 minutes each + 15 minutes Q/A Session)
Note: Timings may vary from programme to programme
April 2021
  1. Operational Risk and Fraud Risk Management
  2. Balance Sheet & Ratio Analysis
  3. Changing face of Priority Sector and Agriculture Finance
  4. UPI: a game changer
  5. New Challenges & Opportunities in Financing MSME Sector – Policy Framework – Government Initiatives 
  6. Strategic Technological Trends in Banks
  7. New avenues in Agriculture Financing
  8. Use of Balance Sheet as a tool for  Credit Risk Management
  9. Audit & Inspection Irregularities in Credit Area
  10. Exchange Rate Mechanism – A primer on exchange rates and rate quotations for various forex transaction
March 2021
  1. Impediments in SME Financing & use of appropriate lending technologies to augment credit flow
  2. Important ICC Provisions in FOREX Business with specific reference to Documentary Credit.
  3. MSME, A changing Face :- Govt Incentives to Banks & entrepreneurs.
  4. Capex Funding - Sources, Cost and Assessment
  5. Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statement
  6. Relevance of Internal Credit Rating & Credit Scoring Models in Pricing Loans
  7. Housing Loans - The Game Changer for Retail Portfolio 
  8. Financing Agribusiness Activities & Supply Chain Financing
  9. Regulatory Compliances for Branch Management 
  10. Building Healthy Credit Portfolio: Strategies, Due Diligence & its Importance in the Current Banking Scenario
  11. Asset Quality Maintenance - Prevention of Slippage 
  12. Back to Basics: Exchange Rates, Trade Credit, Merchanting Trade & INCOTERMS
  13. Credit analysis & Appraisal techniques for service sector enterprises .
  14. Understanding the Operating Cycle, WC Assessment & Financial Analysis in Credit Appraisal.
  15. Various Credit Guarantee schemes for MSME loans
  16. Interest Rate Risk & Hedging Instruments such as IRF, FRA, IRS, CAPs, Floor & Collar
  17. Cash Flow Statement, Fund Flow Statement – Tool for monitoring short term and long term liquidity 
  18. Financing to Weaker Section.– Co-origination of loans , Financing to NBFC & MFIs 
February 2021
1    Inspiring role of women officers in Banks &  work life management (01-02-21)
2    Credit Risk Management in Basel Framework (03-02-21)
3    Various forms of Bills of Exchange including Accommodation Bill, Inland and Foreign (05-02-21)
4    Priority Sector & MSME as a source of profit for the Banks (08-02-21)
5    Preventive Vigilance in Credit during its Life Cycle (10-02-21)
6    Back to Basics – recapitulating IRAC & P norms, wilful default & CERSAI (12-02-21)
7    Role of Branch Heads in managing Branch Ecosystem to compete with other intermediaries (15-02-21)
8    Types of Bank Guarantees and LCs (17-02-21)
9    Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion (19-02-21)
10    Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place  (20-02-21)
11    Recovery & Resolution of Stressed Assets (22-02-21)
12    Overview of Corporate Finance Functions, Industry Analysis & Process of Due Diligence of Borrower (24-02-21)
13    Forex Business handling in Authorised Branches  (25-02-21)
January 2021
1    Documents in International Trade and ICEGATE (04-01-21)
2    Interpretation of RBI guidelines on LBS, Relief and Rehabilitation on Natural Calamities (06-01-21)
3    Basel Regulations- A brief overview  (08-01-21)
4    Overview of Credit Risk Management with thrust on Effective Monitoring & Supervision of Advances Account (11-01-21)
5    Balance Sheet & Ratio Analysis (13-01-21)
6    Back to Basics: A brief introduction to Capital, Provisions, Leverage ratio, Liquidity ratios (LCR, NSFR) and large exposure framework (15-01-21)
7    Financing Non-conventional Agriculture (18-01-21)
8    Common Irregularities in Credit Proposals (20-01-21)
9    Appraisal of Non Fund Based Limits & Monitoring  ( with Case Studies ) (22-01-21)
10    SWIFT Payment Network, Exchange Control regulations through FEDAI, FATCA AND FEMA (25-01-21)
11    Recovery of NPA – Compromise and SARFAESI (27-01-21)
12    Fraud Risk Management and Fraud prevention with case studies (29-01-21)
December 2020

1.   Emerging Technologies in Banking for Business & Profit maximization (01-12-20)

2.   Market intelligence and Other finer and practical aspects for Asset Business  (02-12-20)

3.   Unconventional Agriculture Financing: Co-origination of loans , Financing through MFI , SHGs & JLGs (03-12-20)

4.   Restructuring of Advances Account (04-12-20)

5.   Priority Sector Lending : New Focus area and Thrust Area for Banks (05-12-20)

6.   Loan pricing a credit risk mitigation (07-12-20)

7.   Documents used in International Trade - Icegate and ECGC (08-12-20)

8.   Working Capital Assessment Techniques (09-12-20)

9.   Operational Risk Management in Times of Pandemic (10-12-20)

10. Types of Bill of Lading: Documentary L/C-Mechanism and Types (11-12-20)

11. Financing Hitech Agriculture, Contract farming and Cooperative Farming (14-12-20)

12. Appraisal of Term Loan :  Key Areas of Concern with Case study (15-12-20)

13. Compliance as a Key Element of Corporate Governance (16-12-20)

14. Arithmetic Fundamentals of FOREX and Exchange Rate Mechanism (17-12-20)

15. Credit Frauds & Preventive Vigilance in Banks; CVC Guidelines (19-12-20)

16. Term Loan Assessment by using tools such as DSCR, IRR, FACR, BE point & impartion of TEV studies (21-12-20)

17. Mortgage Based Retail Loans – Points to ponder (22-12-20)

18. Effective handling of Branch for Branch Managers : Goal Setting & Getting (23-12-20)

19. Import Finance: Trade Credit (24-12-20)

20. Kisan Credit Card Scheme in New Look: Important Points to Ponder (28-12-20)

21. Credit Monitoring & Supervision of Advances (29-12-20)

22. Corporate Credit – Monitoring & Supervision (31-12-20)

Previous Programmes:
1. Profitability and Liquidity Measures (July 3, 2020)
 Programme Coverage:
• Challenges                       
• Strategies
• Recent Liquidity Measures and Their Impact on Profitability
• Changes in Basel III: Requirements of Liquidity
• Standards and Its Impact on Bank Profitability
Level of participation: Managers/Senior Managers working in treasury/risk management as also those identified for working in these areas.

2. Due Diligence for Retail Loans (July 4, 2020) 
Programme Coverage:
• Repayment capacity 
• Creation of securities 
• Possible pitfalls
Level of participation:  Managers/Officers engaged in credit at Branches/ Controlling Offices/Head Offices of Banks and Financial Institutions.

3. Balance sheet & Ratio Analysis: A Tool for Credit Decision (July 9, 2020) 
Programme Coverage:
•    Contents Of Balance Sheet
•    Classification Of Balance Sheet
•    Ratio Analysis
      ○ Liquidity
      ○ Leverage
      ○ Performance
      ○ Profit
•    Process For Credit Decision 


Level of participationThe programme is intended for Officers (dealing MSME, Trade and Mid Corporate Advances) in Branches & Controlling Offices in Scale I, II, III & IV handling credit portfolio.

4. Asset Liability Management (ALM) - (July 10, 2020)
 Programme Coverage:
•    What is ALM?
•    What is the importance of ALM in banks?
•    ALM process
•    Role of ALCO
•    ALM functions
•    structural issues in ALM 
Level of participation: The programme is intended for Managers/Senior Managers working in Treasury/Risk Management. 

5. Credit Frauds & Preventive Vigilance for Building Quality Assets (July 13, 2020)
Programme Coverage:
•    What is Fraud & Why it happens?
•    Difference between Fraud & Prevention
•    Diligence in Pre Sanction Stage
•    Appraisal Stage Aspects
•    Post Sanction Stage; EWS & RFA


Level of participationThe programme is designed for Officers working in Advances Department and Credit Monitoring & Inspection Departments.

6. Term Loan Appraisal & Corporate Governance (July 15, 2020)
 Programme Coverage:
•    Appraisal of Term Loan: 
      ○ Cost of Project & means of finance
      ○ Project Viability: Techno Economical & Financial Viability and Managerial Competence 
•    Appraisal Methods: DSCR, IRR etc
•    Corporate Governance: Finer Aspects of Project Perusal supported by Case Study 

Level of participation:  The programme is intended for Officers working in Advances Department. 
7. Loan Pricing & Importance of Credit Rating & Scoring Models (July 17, 2020) 
Programme Coverage:
•    Credit Rating and its Relevance
•    Loan Pricing Regulations
•    Current System of Loan Pricing
Level of participation: The programme is designed for Officers working in Rating Cells at HO, Zonal Offices, Circle Offices and Senior Officials working in the Credit Department.

8. Common Irregularities observed in Credit Proposals (July 20, 2020)

Programme Coverage:

•    Due Diligence & Processing Standards   
•    Appraisal Process & Recommendations

Level of participation: 
The programme is designed for Officers working in Credit Processing and Monitoring Departments.

9. Trade Finance & INCOTERMS (July 22, 2020)

Programme Coverage:

•    Import & Export Credit including Buyers & Suppliers Credit & Foreign Currency Loans    
•    INCOTERMS                      

Level of participation: The programme is designed for Officers working in Forex Department and International Trade cell.

10. Principles of Lending; Due Diligence & KYC Norms for Potential/First Time Branch  Managers

(July 24, 2020)

Programme Coverage:

  • Credit Appraisal with Emphasis on Trade and MSME Credit

  • Credit Decision Making

Level of participation: The programme is designed for First Time Branch Managers/Potential Managers.

11. BASEL Regulations & Capital Planning (July 27, 2020)

Programme Coverage:

  • Overview of BASEL Regulations

  • Capital Planning and RWAs                     

Level of participation: The programme is designed for Officers working in Corporate Office in the area of Risk Management, Financial and Treasury, Branch Heads of large & exceptionally large branches.

12. Leadership Challenges during Adversities; Time & Stress Management (July 29, 2020)

Programme Coverage:

  • Managing Branch and Business

  • Time and Stress Management    

Level of participation: The programme is designed for Branch Heads & Potential Branch Heads.

13. Financial Inclusion & Financial Development (July 31, 2020)

Programme Coverage:

  • Framework for Financial Development and Financial Inclusion 

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Measures for planning Financial Inclusion

Level of participation: The programme is designed for Officers working in Financial Inclusion & SME Cells of Banks at their Corporate Office.

14. MSME Lending – Issues & Challenges (August 05, 2020)

Programme Coverage:

  • New Definitions of MSME,

  • Lending Issues & Challenges in the current scenario

  • Methods of Assessment & Important  Aspects

Level of Participation: Officers/Managers/Senior Managers handling MSME advances in Banks.

15. Customer Service in Bank, RTI Act & Customer Grievance Resolution (07-08-2020)

Programme Coverage:

  • Customer Service In Banks in Current Scenario

  • RTI Act & Customer Grievance Resolution                                                    

Level of Participation: Officers/Managers from branches/Service Outlets.

16. Regulatory Compliance in respect of KYC/AML/CFT in Banking (11-08-2020)

Programme Coverage:

  • Regulatory Compliance Risk & Mitigation

  • Practical aspects in compliance of KYC/AML/CFT guidelines.

Level of Participation: Executives working in KYC &AML cell of head office/controlling office and branch heads of large branches.

17. Early Warning Signal & Red Flagging of Accounts (14-08-2020)

​​Programme Coverage:

  • Early Warning Signals & their impact

  • Red Flagging of accounts & Monitoring                                                        

Level of Participants: Officers/Managers working in branches and controlling offices of all types of Banks/FIs.

18. Operational Risk Management & Fraud Prevention (17-08-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Operational Risks in Banking with a Caselet

  • Frauds: Causes, Learning Points & Prevention with a Caselet


Level of Participation: Executives/Chief Managers/Sr. Managers/Managers working in Vigilance/Audit and Inspection Department at controlling offices/Branch Managers.


19. NRI Business and Facilities for Resident Indians (19-08-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Resident A/c’s & NRI Business

  • Precautions in handling Inward /Outward Remittances, ECBs  & LRS         

Level of Participation: Junior and Middle Management from International Business Branches, specialized NRI Branches and other category B branches.

20. Working Capital Assessment (21-08-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Review of Past Financial Performance & Acceptability of Projections

  • Assessment methods with Case Study

Level of Participants: Officers in Scale I to  IV working in credit department of branch/RO  and branch managers.

21. Recovery & Resolution of Stressed Assets (24-08-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Use of Recovery Tools

  • Resolution Process

Level of Participation: Managers (Scale II) and above with working knowledge of Advances in Banks, Branches and Administrative/Controlling Offices.

22. Credit Monitoring and Supervision of Advances  (26-08-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Credit Life Cycle & Supervision of Advances

  • Monitoring of Retail & MSME Advances                                                      

Level of Participation:  Executives working in credit monitoring depts. of controlling offices, managers/executives working in Large and Mid Corporate branches and Trainers working in training establishments.

23. Credit Risk Management & Collateralisation (28-08-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Credit Risk – Identification & Management

  • Collateralisation & Impact on RWAs                                                             

Level of Participants: Officers and Managers working in branches and controlling offices of Banks.

24. Challenges in Priority Sector Lending (31-08-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • PS Norms & Challenges in achieving them

  • Recovery of PS Loans in natural calamities


Level of Participation : The participants are expected to be the Officers/Managers engaged in Financing Priority Sector Lending

25. Assessment of Non Fund Based Limits (02-09-2020) 

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Various NFB Facilities; Need & Importance 

  • Assessment & Critical Inputs


Level of Participation : Credit Analysts, Branch Managers & Officers in Credit (Scale I to IV).

26. Emerging Agri Business opportunities in Rural/Semi Urban Branches (04-09-2020) 

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Agriculture Lending: A goldmine for Bankers for Business & Profit

  • Importance of Hitech Agro & Contract Farming

Level of Participation : Officers/ Branch Managers of Rural & Semi Urban Branches.

27. Exchange Rate Mechanism and Tools for Hedging Forex Risk (07-09-2020) 

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Exchange Rate Arithmetic 

  • Forwards as Forex Risk Mitigation tool 

Level of Participation : Officials working in Forex department or likely to posted in Forex/Trade Credit department.

28. Profitability Analysis for Term Lending (09-09-2020) 

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Components of P & L Account 

  • Acceptability of Projected Profitability for Decision Making

Level of Participation : Credit Officers with minimum two years experience in Credit/ Financial Analysts in Branch/Processing Centres/ Controlling offices.

29. Objective and Scope of Internal Audit & Inspection and Overview of RBIA and RBS (11-09-2020) 

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Scope of Internal Audit & Inspection including Jilani Committee Recommendations 

  • RBIA & RBS Relevance and Methodology 

Level of Participation : Officials working in Inspection department in Controlling Offices and Inspecting Officers.

30. Working Capital Finance for MSME Sector in Current Scenario (14-09-2020) 

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Latest Govt/RBI Guidelines: Opportunities & Challenges in Lending

  • Assessment Techniques &  Sanction    

Level of Participation : Branch Managers, Credit Officers in Branch/ Processing Centres.

31. Importance of capital for lenders & its sources  (16-09-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Need & importance of capital for banks

  • Different sources of raising capital & features of specific instruments of capital

Level of Participation : Officials working in Treasury, Finance & Risk management at controlling offices

32. Preventive Vigilance in Credit during its Life Cycle (18-09-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Vigilance during Pre Sanction Stage 

  • Vigilance during Appraisal & Post Sanction Stage  

Level of Participation:  Officers working in Advances department

33. Resource Mobilization and Business Opportunities in the wake of RBI COVID Package (21-09-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Sources of Resource Mobilization 

  • Emerging Business Opportunities 

  • Elements of COVID Package relevant to the Banking Industry    

Level of Participation: Senior Officials of Planning Department of Controlling offices and Branch Heads of Large and Exceptionally Large Branches.

34. Practical & Legal aspects of Documentation, Charge Creation, Registration & CERSAI (23-09-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Documentation & its importance & Legal Aspects

  • Charge Creation, Registration & CERSAI    

Level of Participation:  Branch Managers/Officers in Credit Department and Processing Centers.

35. Farm Mechanization and Financing of Agro Based Products (25-09-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Farm Mechanization for increasing Agriculture Productivity 

  • Financing of different  Agro based products Complying with PS Tag

Level of Participation: Officials working in Agricultural Lending.

36. Retail Lending Risks with Special Emphasis on Mortgage Loans  (28-09-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Characteristics of Retail Loans, Risk in Retail Loans

  • Mortgage/Housing Loans – Risk and Mitigation    

Level of Participation: Branch Officials working in Retail Lending and Officials of Retails Lending Hubs.

37. Compliance / BCSBI /RTI/ Promoting Ethical  Banking    (01-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Compliance & BCSBI

  • RTI Act & promoting ethical banking    

Level of Participation: Officers/Managers from Branches/Service Outlets

38. Role of Credit Officer  in Pre-sanction, Appraisal  &  Post-sanction Stages for building quality Assets & effective credit monitoring  (03-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Diligence during Pre Sanction & Appraisal Stage 

  • Post Sanction Processes & Role in Monitoring of Advances  

Level of Participation: Officials handling Credit Department in Branch/Controlling offices

39. Marketing of Retail Lending Products (05-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Need & Importance of Retail Lending 

  • Marketing & Approach to Retail Lending

Level of Participation: Officers from Scale I to IV dealing in Credit/Retail Lending in Branches & Retail Processing Centres

40. Credit Frauds & Preventive Vigilance with Case Studies (06-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Credit Frauds :  Causes & Prevention of frauds  

  • Case studies discussion

Level of Participation: Officials in Credit Appraisal, Monitoring & Vigilance department

41. Data Analytics & Digitisation:  Tools to Expand Business & Profit  (08-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Role of Data Analytics in Banking 

  • Leveraging Digitisation & Technology for business & Profitability 

Level of Participation: Branch Managers, IT Officers & Officers from Scale I to IV in Branches /Controlling Office

42. Documentation & Charging of Securities (09-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Loan Documentation- Stamping, Limitation & Registration

  • Different types of Securities & effective ways of creating charge thereon

Level of Participation: Managers/Officers working in Credit in branches

43. Branch Managers: Excellence in Business through Team Engagement & Customer Service (12-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Leading by Example , Motivation 

  • Team Building for excellence in Customer Service

Level of Participation: Branch Managers & Officers in Scale I to IV

44. Lending to Agriculture; Challenges & Opportunities (13-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Goals under Agriculture vis a vis achievements for better profitability

  • Agriculture Sector: Challenges and Opportunity

Level of Participation: Managers/Officers in Banks and Controlling Officers dealing with agricultural loans

45. Selection of Borrowers & Principles of Lending with Case Studies (15-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Principles of Lending & Role of Officer in Selection of Borrower

  • Case studies on Appraisal aspects

Level of Participation: Officials handling Credit Department in Branch/ Controlling offices

46. Selection of Borrowers & Principles of Lending with Case Studies (15-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Principles of Lending & Role of Officer in Selection of Borrower

  • Case studies on Appraisal aspects

Level of Participation: Officials handling Credit Department in Branch/ Controlling offices

47. Overview of Risk Management & Basel Guidelines (16-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Types of Banking Risks and role of Risk Management in managing risks

  • BASEL Guidelines for resilient Banking Sector

Level of Participation: Officials working in the area of Credit risk, Market risk and Operational risk

48. Appraisal of Non Fund Based Facilities with Case Studies (19-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Non Fund Based Facilities : Need & Importance 

  • Assessment with Case studies

Level of Participation: Officials handling Credit Department in Branch/ Controlling offices

49. Retail Loans- Issues & Challenges in Lending & Recovery & Modus Operandi of Frauds in few Retail Lending Products (20-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Characteristics of Retail Credit & Due diligence in retail lending

  • Special features in the recovery of Retail Loans & modus operandi of frauds in main retail products

Level of Participation: Officials working in Retail Loans Hubs, Branches and Controlling Offices

50. Documentary credits & Incoterms (22-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Documentary credits

  • Incoterms

Level of Participation: Managers/Officers working in Branches

51. MSME Financing: Importance, Lending Technologies, Monitoring,  EWS  &  recent Government Initiatives for the Sector (23-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • MSME Financing: Need & Importance & Recent Govt Directives 

  • Approach To lending & Monitoring

Level of Participation: Officers/Managers/Senior Managers handling MSME advances in Banks

52. Measuring and Managing Liquidity Risk in Banks & Large Exposure Framework (26-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Importance of Liquidity Risks and methods of measuring & managing the same

  • Bank Lending and Large Exposure Framework

Level of Participation: Officials working in ALM cells at Controlling Offices and Treasury Department

53. FEMA Regulations & Forex Facilities for Residents and Non-Residents (27-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Forex facilities for Residents

  • Forex facilities for Non- Residents

Level of Participation: Managers/Officers working in Category B & Category C branches

54. Financial Development, Financial Inclusion & Financial Literacy for Inclusive Growth (29-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Framework for Financial Development and Financial Inclusion

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Measures for planning Financial Inclusion

Level of Participation: Officers working in Financial Inclusion & SME Cells of Banks at their Corporate Office

55. Risk Management in Preventing Slippages (31-10-2020)

​​​Programme Coverage:

  • Causes of Slippages at different stages of credit lifecycle

  • Use of Credit Risk Management Techniques to contain slippages

Level of Participation: Officials working on Credit at Branch and Controlling Offices