Information Technology, Cyber Frauds and Prevention 
(16.12.19 to 18.12.19)

Manifestation of seminal transformation in the landscape of banking operations has been experienced due to deregulation and globalization of financial services aided by state of the art technology.  Such nuance of technology has added new dimensions to customer convenience.  Thus digital banking has integrated well with every aspect of banking services posing greater challenges in harnessing its synergy.


The key challenges of automation of banking operations is, therefore, inherent in its exposure to technological risks which are increasing at fast pace and is set to impact bank’s business, image and the bottom line.  In view of the large incidences of IT frauds and cyber crimes in banks and financial institutions, it is necessary to strengthen the internal control system of digital process as a preventive measure at all levels in the organization especially relating to information technology.  Therefore, there is need to incorporate robust checks and balance systems to ring fence digital infrastructure against cyber threats.  Sensitisation towards safety features and response to early warning signals are essential at every level.


The present programme has been designed to help the participants in understanding the intricacies and extent of risks in operating technology and attendant operational risk and its ramifications on bank’s profitability.  The programme shall focus on enhancing knowledge and skills of participants for detection and prevention of IT frauds.  It is also necessary to equip them to identify remedial action, so that the incidence of security breach specific to internal/external IT domain including of service providers can be kept under control.   Effective Management of IT risk in increased digital banking space will also be focused upon.


Programme Structure :

  • Scenario of IT in Banks and emerging trends.

  • RBI Guidelines pertaining to IT in Indian Banking

  • Overview of Information Technology Environment

  • Identification of Fraud prone areas in IT environment

  • Types of Computer related Crimes, its Prevention and Detection

  • Role of Cryptology (Digital Certificate)

  • Remedial measures to check Computer Crimes in Banks

  • IT related laws in India and its relevance in Banks

  • Introduction to Data Analytics