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Corporate Credit Management with Focus on Risk Based Pricing

Even in the midst of slowdown, the economy is poised to revive fast in 2-3 years, with insolvency and resolution process stabilizing fast corporate credit will be back to center stage of credit growth of banks.  Banks are fast gearing upto accelerate credit growth with banks and NBFCs recouping from the poor asset quality concerns.  Capital infusion and reviving deposit growth can provide the scope to expand credit growth.


In the backdrop of the above factors, financing of mid and large corporate sector calls for a different orientation, understanding the skills for assessing risk and for formulating tailor made loan packages to suit the individual corporate requirement. Though banks have well established loan policies, yet process improvements in banks have been initiated with the help of technology to improve turnaround time. The new generation of bank executives should therefore be conversant with not only internal procedures of Credit appraisal and processing but also to access market intelligence reports to undertake qualitative credit appraisal system to improve robustness. Application of data analysis, lending automation and interpretation of financial statements and relating them to the underlying projects to be funded needs a deeper analytical competence.


Programme Structure:

  • Emerging challenges in Corporate Credit in the wake of difficult macro and micro economic environment

  • Instruments of Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Credit Risk Management and Loan Pricing Strategies with Focus on Risk based Pricing

  • Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis : Role of Auditors; Revised Schedule VI and Transition to IFRS

  • Cash Budgeting and Cash/Fund Flow Statements

  • Working Capital Facilities including Bills and Non-funded facilities

  • Overview of Project Appraisal and Project Finance

  • Monitoring and Supervision of Corporate Advances/Preventive Vigilance and Frauds

  • Legal Due Diligence and Issues in Documentation and Recovery

  • Marketing and CRM

  • Credit Decision making. Case Studies in Group

  • Industrial Rehabilitation and Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR)/SDR/SAA/5:25 Scheme, Takeout Financing/Sale & Lease Back

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