We are committed to plan, promote, protect and provide for education and training in all operations and management areas connected with banking, finance, money, assets and corporate management

Management of MSME Financing

It is notable that Government of India recently have also modified classification terms of this sector under PSL.  Moreover, the risk adjusted yield in MSME credit in higher than many other sectors.  The differentiated banks are also set to pose great challenge to existing banks.  Keeping these potential factors in mind banks are setting higher business goals for MSME Sector.


The programme is designed to enable participants to appreciate growing market opportunities in financing the MSME sector and equip themselves with the modern tools and techniques for assessing their funding requirements and also for offering tailor-made financing package to them.

Resolution of Stressed Assets - With Focus on New RBI Guidelines including Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

Banks have to continuously focus on NPA recovery and on controlling further slippages.  Accordingly, it is essential that officers involved in NPA management & controlling slippages have adequate knowledge of the subject.   

The programme us designed to provide inputs to teams engaged in NPA management and in expediting resolution in stressed assets. Focus of program shall be on the nuances of using various recovery and resolution tools so as to bring down the level of NPA & stressed assets in absolute terms and in proportion to overall credit folio.

Inspection & Audit including IS Audit and Preventive Vigilance

The objective of this programme is to acquaint the participants about the system and procedure of risk based internal inspection and audit so that they can conduct the inspection and audit work efficiently.  They should also to create sensitivity by picking up signs of fraud alerts highlighted by the operating systems and identify the modus operandi of such instances.  They should guide the branch officials to enable them to gear up efforts towards fully compliant branch/bank.  A fully compliant bank/branch can be a sustainable tool for growth.

Management of Grooming First Time Branch/Potential Managers 

The role of a Branch Manager is critical for the growth of business and the image building process of the bank, therefore, they need to be groomed with lot of care and pragmatism.  Young branch managers need appropriate inputs and coaching to ready themselves for this important role.


The programme, therefore, aims to :

  • Empower the First Time Branch Managers by enabling them to rediscover their strengths and potentials.

  • Equip them with the skills to become assertive by sharpening their managerial skills, and

  • Help them chalk out appropriate strategies and action plan for branch business and profitability.

Leadership, Motivation and Interpersonal Excellence

Instead of pushing people to achieve, successful leaders groom people to succeed and refine their leadership skill-sets to make it to the top. Consequent to new generation employees taking over the reins, banks are witnessing a paradigm shift in the attitude of human capital. In order to play a constructive role in the future growth of organization, it is high time for the younger generation to understand that banking today is all about ‘leading’ going beyond the trajectory of ‘managing’ because a good manager should also be a good leader too.  Therefore, it is imperative for them to learn and understand the nuances of ‘Managing’ and ‘Leading’ the banking operations in unison, so as to harness full potentiality of emerging growth.

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