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Recovery Management in Banks and Financial Institutions with focus on Case Studies of NCLT

Considering the changed priorities of banks, NIBSCOM shall be conducting programme titled “Recovery Management in Banks & Financial Institutions with focus on Case studies of NCLTs”, which shall be useful for the human resources engaged or likely to be involved in NPA management. Focus of programme shall be on use of various recovery and resolution tools so as to bring down the level of NPA & stressed assets in absolute terms and in proportion to overall credit folio.


Information Technology, Cyber Frauds & Prevention

The programme is designed to help the participants in understanding the intricacies and extent of risks in operating technology and attendant operational risk and its ramifications on bank’s profitability.  The programme shall focus on enhancing knowledge and skills of participants for detection and prevention of IT frauds.  It is also necessary to equip them to identify remedial action, so that the incidence of security breach specific to internal/external IT domain including of service providers can be kept under control.   Effective Management of IT risk in increased digital banking space will also be focused upon.

Profitability Management in Banks

In order for established existing banks to compete with new entrants, the methods of profitability management will have to undergo seminal changes. The uses of CRM has to be fine tuned to offer "Best Fit" services as a part of bank's strategy to step up profitability. The programme has been designed to discuss & deliberate on the prevailing macro & micro economic conditions, banking developments & challenges impacting profitability of banks and is also aimed at stimulating thought processes amongst participants on the nuances of better management of profitability.

Branch Management for Rural / Semi -Urban Branches  

Branch Manager should be hard working and sincere to achieve the goals of the branch but they need to possess the requisite skill sets.  He has also to invariably mobilize willing support of his staff through enrichment of inter-personal communication, leadership and marketing skills.  

The programme thus aims at facilitating Branch Managers to sharpen their management/leadership skills and also to have updation on select topics relevant to a branch manager’s roles and responsibilities at the field level.

Corporate Credit Management with Focus on Risk Based Pricing

Even in the midst of slowdown, the economy is poised to revive fast in 2-3 years, with insolvency and resolution process stabilizing fast corporate credit will be back to center stage of credit growth of banks.  

The financing of mid and large corporate sector calls for a different orientation, understanding the skills for assessing risk and for formulating tailor made loan packages to suit the individual corporate requirement. Though banks have well established loan policies, yet process improvements in banks have been initiated with the help of technology to improve turnaround time. 

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