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Quarter 2 Calendar

1    Foreign Exchange for Beginners (1-Jul-24 to 5-Jul-24)
2    Financing Agriculture and MSME with focus on Financing Hitech Agri Projects (1-Jul-24 to 5-Jul-24)
3    Effective Branch Management    8-Jul-24    12-Jul-24
4    Analysis & Assessment of Financial Statements for Enabling Effective Credit Decisions (8-Jul-24 to 12-Jul-24)
5    Compliance Function in Banks - AML, KYC, Frauds, Exposure Norms & Board Approved Policies (15-Jul-24 to 16-Jul-24)
6    EASE Awareness 7.0 (15-Jul-24 to 16-Jul-24)
7    Procurement through GeM (Processes, Issues and Resolutions) & RTI Act Demystified (The Crucial Role of PIOs)-(18-Jul-24 to 19-Jul-24)
8    Effective Team Management & Building High Performance teams (18-Jul-24 to 19-Jul-24)
9    Corporate Credit Management (22-Jul-24 to 26-Jul-24)
10    Credit for Beginners (22-Jul-24 to 26-Jul-24)
11    Beginners Programme on Risk Management (29-Jul-24 to 31-Jul-24)
12    Retail Credit - Pre & Post Sanction Aspects (1-Aug-24 to 3-Aug-24)
13    Assessment of Working Capital, Term Loans & Project Loans - Credit Appraisal (29-Jul-24 to 2-Aug-24)
14    Strategic Marketing with special emphasis on Digital Marketing and Data Analytics (5-Aug-24 to 9-Aug-24)
15    Recovery Management in Banks & Other Financial Institutions (5-Aug-24 to 9-Aug-24)
16    Workshop for HR Specialists (12-Aug-24 to 14-Aug-24)
17    Fraud Risk Management - Detection and Prevention of High Value Bank Frauds (12-Aug-24 to 14-Aug-24)
18    EASE Awareness 7.0 (16-Aug-24 to 17-Aug-24)
19    Implications of GST in Banks (16-Aug-24 to 17-Aug-24)
20    Credit Monitoring & Supervision (20-Aug-24 to 23-Aug-24)
21    Priority Sector Lending : Status, Issues and Financing Strategies (20-Aug-24 to 23-Aug-24)
22    Management of Non Fund Based Business and Its Impact on Profitability (27-Aug-24 to 28-Aug-24)
23    Advanced AML Strategies and Compliance (27-Aug-24 to 28-Aug-24)
24    Information Systems Audit (29-Aug-24 to 30-Aug-24)
25    Project and Infrastructure Financing (29-Aug-24 to 31-Aug-24)
26    Banking Leadership Roles: Essential Skills and Competencies (2-Sep-24 to 6-Sep-24)
27    Recovery Management in Banks & Other Financial Institutions (2-Sep-24 to 6-Sep-24)
28    Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence for Banking Business (9-Sep-24 to 14-Sep-24)
29    Retail Credit - Pre & Post Sanction Aspects (9-Sep-24 to 13-Sep-24)
30    Foreign Exchange Business: Cross Border Transactions, EDPMS/IDPMS, External Commercial Borrowings & Trade Credits    (17-Sep-24 to 21-Sep-24)
31    Inspection, Audit & Control including Preventive Vigilance (17-Sep-24 to 20-Sep-24)
32    EASE Awareness 7.0 (23-Sep-24 to 24-Sep-24)
33    Conducting Disciplinary Enquiries/Disciplinary Action Proceedings and CVC Guidelines (25-Sep-24 to 27-Sep-24)
34    Customer Service Excellence Powered by Data Analytics & Marketing (23-Sep-24 to 27-Sep-24)

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